Format: CD

Released by Roca Records 1998 on Cd (NR22)

Nancy Ruth: Lead & Background Vocals, Piano
Lee Aaron: Backing Vocals on 6,8
Harris Van Berkel: Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Miles Hill: Fretted & Frettless Bass
Randall Stoll: Drums
Jack Duncan: Percussion
Mark Ferris: Electric & Acoustic Violins
John Reischmann: Mandolin

Produced by Rick Kilburn.
Co-Produced by Nancy Ruth


Nancy Ruth. © Roca Records 1998.

1. I'll Have My Way
(Nancy Ruth)
2. Desert Dream
(Nancy Ruth)
3. Roll Over Blue
(Nancy Ruth)
4. Desire
(Nancy Ruth)
5. If I Fell For You
(Nancy Ruth)
6. Raging On
(Nancy Ruth)
7. No Talk Of Love
(Nancy Ruth)
8. So Good
(Nancy Ruth)
9. Sweet Serenade
(Nancy Ruth)
10. You're Gone
(Nancy Ruth)